Honey and Beekeeping Equipment - Lakeland, FL Bee Hive Products and Supplies

Choose Kelley's Apiaries in Central Florida for beekeeping supplies and know-how.  Located in Lakeland, FL and serving the surrounding counties, we gladly carry a full line of beekeeping supplies for the novice and seasoned beekeepers. Whether you're just starting out with your first hive or you have years of experience, we can provide what you need to keep your bees happy, healthy, and productive.

Our Beekeeping Supplies Include:

  • Hive Components

    • Deep hive boxes

    • 6 5/8" Supers

    • 5 11/16" Supers

    • Screen bottom boards

    • Traditional solid bottom boards

    • Migratory tops

    • Queen excluders

    • Wax foundation

    • Plasticell foundation

    • Entrance feeders

  • Basic Tools

    • Smokers — 2 sizes and 4 styles

    • Hive tools

    • Bee brushes

    • Spur embeders

    • Eyelet punch

    • Frame grips - 2 styles

  • Protection

    • Hooded bee jackets

    • Jumpsuits with veils

    • Helmet

    • Veils — 4 styles offered

    • Gloves — 3 styles offered

  • Supplies for Bee Health and Pest Treatment

    • Mega Bee 1 lb Patties

    • Tetra Bee Mix

    • Tylan

    • Apigauard

    • Cutts Beetle Blasters

    • AJ Beetle Eaters

  • Honey Extraction / Bottling

    • Capping Scratchers

    • Cut Comb Cutters

    • Uncapping Tubs

    • Bottling kits

    • Bucket Strainers

    • Extractors

  • Beekeeping books


We sell fine European honeybees! Start your hive right with a five frame NUC. Each NUC comes with a queen, capped brood, workers and much needed resources. This is the best way to give your hive a great start.

Contact Kelley's Apiaries during business hours at 863-644-6944 to ask about starting your hive in central Florida or browse our web site for more information about Honey and Honey Products or Honey Health and Beauty Products


Honey and Beekeeping Equipment - Lakeland, FL Bee Hive Products and Supplies
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